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where herve landed. and i knew i was inside the compound still. well inside the view of all of the workers and security who had just seen me jump so for me priority was getting in the canopy under control and just run under the perimeter and get outside of the compound as quick as i possibly could. ♪ and just as i was exiting the compound. hervey had gone to rescue me in the car, i heard one of the security guards go and shout something at me chasing me. and i knew the pursuit was one. the game was afoot.
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it was only once we got outside, on the road that the can of emotion comes out and we start laughing, yays, high fives, yeah, we did it, we're away. that's it now. we're done. to know you are the first person to step off that object, is for me quite a special feeling... no, no, no... it's like everest. we did it together. that's not true. [laughing]
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>> michael: coming up tonight, republicans release their autopsy on the 2012 election. it turns out they say that voters basically see them as clint eastwood's character in gran torino. also they are really bad at technology and they debate too much, they are failing math and have no friends, but besides all of that, shipshape. i'm michael shure this is "the war room." [♪ theme music ♪]
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>> michael: the republicans are taking a serious look at why they have become such an unserious party in the eyes of the american people. as the conservative pep rally that was cpac finally wrapped up this weekend, reality seem stoetd in. republican leaders took a look in the mirror and beheld their hideous reflection. they realized they better get their campaign on and lost that bet. and really how can anyone take a party seriously who's biggest contribution to the conversation were 47%, self deportation and shuting that whole thing down. and all of that shrinking about greece and the looming debt crisis. here is john boehner and paul ryan just this weekend. >> we do not have an immediate
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debt crisis. >> america is still a step ahead of european and japan. partly because of our resilient economy and our world currency status. >> michael: there you have it. but it turns out americans saw right through it. a poll out today from the hill shows while americans might be sympathetic to republican's ideas about lowering taxes they still trust the president to handle the economy. 65% said u.s. budget deficit should be reduced by cutting spending. but 35% said they trust the democrats more. so to regain the public's trust they have done an autopsy of the
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2012 campaign. the rorpt has a lot of style but not a lot of serious substance. in it the word messaging appears 77 times technology in there 42 times, and then there is the long list of things that got no mention at also. health care inequality and others. the plan also pointed to some other issues, and no bashing poor people at all. the plan says low-income americans are hardworking people who want to become hard-working middle-income americans of course paul's plan would make it harder than ever to allow poor people to join the middle class. next up, reagan. enough already.
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the youngin's at all don't even remember him. they also pledge to be flexible on gay rights even though republicans are spending millions defending the discriminatory defense of marriage act, and finally immigration reform and reaching out to minorities. they'll spend $10 million this year on a minority outreach program called the growth and opportunity project. look no further that cpac's panel on cam batting racism. it turned into surprise, is surprise, perhaps the most racist spectacle ever seen. one member followed up by saying slaves should thank their masters for providing food and shelter, and i'm not kidding. it just happened.
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[ laughter ] >> michael: now some republicans seem to be finally wake up to the idea that this kind of seriously hateful, seriously insane rhetoric is hurting the party. reince priebus said as much this weekend. >> the way we communicate our principles isn't resinating widely enough. focus groups described our party as narrow-minded, out of touch, and quote, stuffy old men.
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>> michael: prebus is now floating several ideas that could change the primary process. his brief moment of clarity was greeted by furious backlash from inside the party. michael steele tore into prebus and said he is the problem not the party or the primary process. >> i won and he didn't. he laid down a ground game national 50-state strategy. we just went out and did the heavy work of rebuilding the party coming off of massive losses in 2006 and 2008. >> michael: joining me now for more is david shuster. welcome back inside "the war room." >> great to be with you always. >> michael: to the gop wants to salvage their image. how are they going to do it with stuff like to? >> right. that's exactly it. it's not the way that they
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communication, it's what they are communicating. and as long as the republican party has a tea party that has as much control as opposed to the establishment republicans, and others who may want to moderate the par city little bit, you have this convergence of message where you have the tea party that wants to take the country back in terms of racial inequality, and denying women equal rights and until the republican establishment can figure out a way to satisfy the tea party to get them to change their minds about some of these issues, the republicans civil war is going to continue for a while. >> michael: it is what they are talking about that is so unpleasant to many americans, and when they give ground to the tea partiers that is just going
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to drag them down further. now he is proposing a different primary system. will something like that fly? >> this is really a matter fore the state parties to control. if a state republican party wants to have an early primary, they get to decide that and the national party rules make it easy for them to do that. reince priebus says we don't want as many presidential candidate debates, but there's a benefit to have the candidates come through, because it generates at attention to the parties, and the states love it. and yeah it may be wise for reince priebus to limb the number of debates, to move up the primaries, have a convention in may or june but the state organizers have the power over all of this, and they don't want to do it. >> michael: and states were
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punished for moving their primaries up against the wishes of the national party. if the national party says you have to do it, it's not so easy for the states to do and it doesn't necessarily behoove them to do it if they are going to lose some the power, and i totally agree with you david. but let's talk about technology and messaging. can that overcome the problem that their policies are simply so crazy and out of step with what americans want? >> no, it can't. the tea party has been equally offensive about using twitter and social media and oringganizing online. they are communicating online but the mess is we're against gay rights immigration rights and the more that the
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establishment republicans say we just need to fix our messages or use better technology they are moving the technology fine it's just they are pushing these ideas that americans don't like. and particularly younger americans are particularly frustrated with the party. >> michael: yeah, that's right. so the tea partiers responded to the report that was issued and the chairman said there's not a whole heck of a lot that is exciting any the report. are there now effectively two republican parties, david? the middle right and the far right? and can they hold the party together? >> that's a great analysis and it's represented well by rand paul. he is going to take all of these tea party fanatics and run with them in 2016 and the establishment republicans are trying to beat them down and
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stop them, and they have fight on their hands. they are so bitterly divided that you are going to see this civil war continue for a while, and unless there is some external event that can get them tocoless this battle over the heart and soul of the republican party, this is going to play out for a while. >> michael: and it's a battle that i just don't want to see end. david shuster thank you so much. to the heroic now. today secretary of state, hillary clinton endorsed gay marriage. >> lbgt americans are our colleagues, our teachers our soldiers, our friends our loved ones, and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. >> michael: great stuff. totally great stuff.
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progress always great to watch, but to be fair it's not exactly risky that position puts her squarely among the majority. support for gay marriage has reached an all-time high according to a new poll that is out today. it is nearly double what it was in 2004. but at cpac the republican bases show how out of step it is on that issue. they attacked rod portman for backing gay marriage after his own son came out. >> just because something like that hits home, i don't know why you change your beliefs. i mean that's what bothers me. his belief is very easily changed just because his son is gay. i don't get that. >> reporter: he came out in favor of same-sex marriage. what is your reaction to that?
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>> horrible. that's his fault. and he gets no sympathy from me. >> quit being so selfish as to think only about his son, and if necessary if he can't reverse himself on this issue, just step down and go home. >> i'm a product of the 1950s when people who were homosexual said in the closet and i reallier frommed it that way if you want to know the truth. >> michael: speaking of straight from the 1950s, john boehner faced with a serious decision about whether to lead his party in the right direction politically and morally chose to run away screaming instead. >> rob is a great friend and a long-time ally i believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. it's what i grew up with it's what i believe. it's what my church teaches me
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and i can't imagine that position will ever change. >> michael: and that mr. speaker is why your party is not taken seriously and it never will be. coming up on "the war room" solutions to the gop problem, not from me mind you, i wouldn't change a thing but republican strategist jack burkman will give us a more constructive diagnosis, plus it seems like we're pretty close to the tipping point on gay marriage in this country. kelli goff will give us the great out of that. it's a monday. it's "the war room." stay right there. ♪ to find reelz in your area, go to
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? ♪ >> there's no one reason we lost. our message was weak. our ground game was
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insufficient. we weren't inclusive. we were behind in both data and digital, and our primary and debate process needed improvement. so there's no one solution. there's a long list of them. >> michael: that's republican national committee chair reince priebus today outlining the many problems his party faces. the rnc is looking at 219 specific recommendations including reaches out to minority constituencies. >> this will be a bottom-up approach, and we'll have a network of hundreds of paid people across america from the community level up to the national level dedicated to minority, youth and women inclusion. we will conduct a pilot program to test these efforts. >> michael: watch thu rnc is coming to get you.
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let's get a republican's take on this effort. republican strategist jack burkman joins us from washington, d.c. where he runs his oddly named consulting group, burkman and associates. first up let's talk about preibus. will the base play along with immigration reform. >> i would liken it to the israel palestinian talks where the u.s. gets involved before both sides are ripe for peace. congress isn't ready for it. sit not going to happen in the next two to four years. i think a guy like rubio is moving way too far to the left. he is going to play himself right out of a shot on 2016 because he will be way over here on immigration.
3:22 pm
i think it is good for the country. i it this will make him super strong in the general, but it will disqualify him in the primary. >> michael: but isn't that the problem that anybody with reasonable ideas can't make it out of the primary? >> well, yes and no. i'll a social conservative i agree with all of that. we don't need to change our beliefs and values we need to change our message. you had all of these 18-year-old kids climbing on top of each other to vote for ronald reagan because he crafted a beautiful economic message that showed that capitolism was for everybody. we're not doing that. we need an economic message that does those things. the republicans can't -- people will say, well the democrats start out with 230 electoral
3:23 pm
votes, why don't you become a pro-choice party or pro-gay marriage, and there are people who think about these things strategically. you lose the base. we can't afford to lose the southern base. >> michael: jack, that's like saying in the 50s well you're a preschool integration party, well, we don't want to do that because we'll lose our base. there has to be a point where you go along with the country? >> yes, and no. the 50s -- the electoral map was very different in the 50s. the republicans today are very dependent on a southern base. in the 50s the map was much more torn up. now you have regional parties competing. what you have are two parties that play exclusively in certain
3:24 pm
regions. the republicans are dependent on a base so it's much harder to do that now than in the 50s. i don't think supporting -- if you come out pro gay marriage you couldn't hold the house anymore. republicans don't need to do that. what they need to do -- it's not the message -- it's not the ideas, it's the message, we have to craft a new message, and i think that should be economic. you have somebody like rick santorum or rand paul who will talk about various social issues, and i agree with those guys on 99% of what they think, but what i would like to hear them talking about are economic issues that will appeal more broodly to the nation the way that reagan did. >> michael: but they did talk about it during this last campaign, and it fell flat. that's part of what the problem was. >> and that makes it still more
3:25 pm
complicated. romney was just as bad of candidate as you could have. imagine a candidate -- the hardest thing i ever did in my political life was go out in mild support for mitt romney. he went from pro choice to pro life to pro choice to pro life anti-gay to pro gay, to anti-gay to pro gay. mitt romney is the most soulless man there is. >> michael: we finally agree on something. now let's talk about shortening the primary process. it seems simple, but what would that do. >> first of all preibus. prebus is a dud. anybody that looks at him or hears him speak. you know he is a complete dud. the reason they picked prebus is the party following michael
3:26 pm
steele they felt steele had too much exposure. they wanted somebody who would be find of out of the way and be low profile. it was a terrible mistake. with that as background, immigration, again, is just something -- it would be wonderful if the republicans could work it out and throw a bone to hispanics and somehow get the hispanic vote because the hispanic vote -- we're not going to be -- at least until the next generation get the black vote. we're already getting near optimal levels of white vote. the real issue is hispanic vote. we have got to make inroads there. the problem is i don't think it's possible to get any kind of immigration bill through the house. so one thing you have to remember about the republican party is it's doing well at a lot of levels. we're doing well in the house with gun control we might get more seats.
3:27 pm
the senate i think long-term trends are good. republicans are doing well at a lot of grassroots levels, county executives -- >> michael: jack, that part of your argument -- you make a lot of sense, but that part doesn't. you are not doing well. i mean the house -- more democratic votes went in the house election last time were it not for redistricting and i'll say it gerrymandering but the message that you are talking about is not a message of the future, you are talk about we have got to get these hispanic votes and then you go to cpac and hear this language of hate how does -- how do those two resinate. you seem reasonable and smart, how do you put those two together? >> it's easy to look at this and say republicans need to make these changes to win back the
3:28 pm
president, and yes we are moving towards a system where the president of the united states is a democrat. but the problem we can't give up what we have either. republicans in some sense, i agree with you are so bad for republicans that many we make mistakes and gamble we could lose the house and you would go back to the 30s. we're doing very well at the state level. the senate we had a couple of freaky candidates this time. republicans aren't doing badly except at the president level, the most important level, we're phenomenally completely out of the game, so that's not an easy problem to solve. >> michael: no, it isn't. and please don't. [ laughter ] >> michael: but let's go jack in our last segment we played a clip of the cpac panel. one member of the audience said white southern men were being
3:29 pm
systematically disenfranchised. is this base ready for any diversity at all? >> i agree with that. i think the white male face is horrible discrimination from the moment he is born. should we be talking about that in a presidential election no? i had 15 conversations with leading donors and people running cpac in the last couple of months and they fall flat. you continue to have a message coming out of a place like cpac, i begged them to have an economic message. someone like paul ryan ought to be the guy who is doing that but he just can't do it. ryan is a wonderful guy but he can't get beyond the numbers, he looks the part, but he cannot play the reagan role of delivering that wonderful economic message about the glories of capitolism, the gloer glories of starting your own
3:30 pm
business, and he can't do that. >> michael: and the hunt goes on. i finally put on a tie and i still don't dress as well as you. thank you so much. kelli goff of "the root" is next right here in "the war room." ♪ a closer shave in a single stroke for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> michael: after senator rob portman's support on gay marriage, another question came out. would my position on gay marriage change if one of my children were gay. here is jason chaffetz fielding that very question. >> if one of your children were to be gay, you would not change your perspective is what you were saying? >> i would love them with all of my heart, absolutely.
3:34 pm
>> but you would still not support gay marriage. >> i believe someone who is gay should be healthy and thrive, i don't want to discriminate them but i won't support gay marriage. >> michael: is one of many gop members who were quick to jump on the bandwagon against senator portman's revolution. joining me tonight from new york to talk about which republicans are eligible for father of the year awards is kelli goff of "the root," welcome back kelli. >> thanks, but i bet you say that to all of the guests. >> michael: i don't actually. run the tape. run the tape. [ laughter ] >> michael: i promise. i promise. >> okay. >> michael: many of senator portman's critics on the right take aim at his son like this
3:35 pm
statement. >> michael: so i guess that her child was born drunk from what they said just now? >> well, first of all let me applaud her for sounding very christian and family friendly because she sounds like a lovely woman. i'm being sarcastic in case nobody caught that. but i want to applaud senator portman for his chutzpah. as i pointed out in my piece, when the cosby show was the number 1 show in america, the
3:36 pm
majority of americans still didn't support interracial marriages. so that being said i want to commend senator portman again because he speaks to evolution we have seen on a lot of these issues, but a lot of the elected officials, who were evolving on these issues were not just people with gay children but people who had gay neighbors. there was a swing vote here in new york who said i have lesbian neighbors and their kids are great. so again, give him a lot of credit on this. >> michael: yeah, i do too. i just have to wonder approximate personalizing this is helping or hurting an issue. i think it does but the backlash is just untenable. >> not just among conservatives, because the new york magazine has a great peace that was very
3:37 pm
fair that raised this issue of why should it have to take a personal issue for someone to do the right thing. i have been to multiple gay weddings and i will be to plenty more, but i don't believe that every person who opposes gay marriage or same-sex marriage -- i think that there are plenty of jewish moms out there who might want to see their sons marry a jewish daughter-in-law, but that doesn't mean that they are racist againsts black. >> michael: a new "washington post" poll out today show that 58% of americans now support
3:38 pm
same-sex marriage. will portman's change of heart help the gop attract more voters or will it be overshadowed by all of the backlash that we're hearing now. >> i think it is good for them in the sense that -- there is a great quote after the election where there was an unnamed gop consultant who said i'm sick and tired of the crazies making us look bad. so i think the more people they have that show they are not bigots and crazies, the better it is for them. >> michael: and they are not great at subtle, those republicans. they don't do suggestel well. dr. ben carson who criticized the president this year at this
3:39 pm
year's bipartisan prayer breakfast, electrified cpac this week when he hinted at a 2016 presidential run. >> you don't have to be a brain surgeon on rocket scientist to understand that if we continue to spin ours into oblivion we are going to destroy our nation. let's say you magically put me -- you know, into the white house -- [ cheers and applause ] >> michael: so you have both met and watched carson watch a crowd is he the next big star or is this just a case of them saying oh, we got a black guy, we got a black guy. >> i think he is probably the most dangerous thing for the democratic party in a really long time. because he is sort of the an advertise sis of thing you are talking about. he is very self made very committed and genuine and
3:40 pm
authentic in terms of his conservative beliefs he is a devout christian and very much pro-life. and he is self made, which is sort of the -- one of the biggest selling points of the gop, the pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. but the thank is tricky is he was born to a single mother who needed benefits and other things to get him where he is. and he is a legitimate genius. so the question becomes what type of future is the party he is going to perhaps represent one day giving to kids who may not be future brain surgeons? don't they have a chance to live in america as well. >> michael: right. a conundrum they have never had to face really. >> yeah because condoleezza
3:41 pm
rice was a genius right. so what about those of us who are not geniuses? >> michael: exactly. kelli goff of "the root," thanks for being on the show. the president officially announced his pick for the labor secretary. joe garofoli joins us next to talk about that.
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♪ >> michael: you are back inside "the war room," i'm michael shure, today the president announced thomas perez as his nomination for labor secretary. one republican senator is already geared up to block the nomination. joining me now to discuss perez, and the rnc's response is "san francisco chronicle" political reporter joe garofoli. welcome back inside "the war room." >> good to be here. >> michael: after everything we have learned isn't this the long way to go?
3:45 pm
>> this is the worst timing for republicans to have this guy come out. his parents are from the dominican republic, he is that self made guy that republicans love, and they are going to line up to just spike him. >> michael: they are being lead by david vitter who himself does not have that clean of a slate. >> no. they will throw some stuff at him, but ultimately he will get through. he has been vetted nationally before, but they will throw some blows at him. the thing to watch for is how mean are they going to get? as a count think supervisor perez supported driver licenses for undocumented workers.
3:46 pm
we'll hear about that. >> michael: at a certain point it just becomes annoying to listen to them do all of this stuff, too. in the autopsy report we heard that they want to embrace some sort of immigration reform. i'm going to play you two different perspectivesish perspectivesish -- perspectives on this issue. first from donald trump. >> you know the 11 million illegals, even if given the right to vote, you are going to have to do what is right, but the fact is 11 million people will be voting democratic. >> we are losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons, and we have got to understand that. >> michael: okay. trump is a class a buffoon, he is totally insignificant to the
3:47 pm
country, but his argument how they are they going to reconcile that? >> and trump was given a major position at the podium at cpac and that's what he chose to say. the republicans are so scared of the base -- marco rubio didn't even mention immigration reform in his speech. that's how afraid they are, so go against the conservatives that back them. >> michael: and do latino voters pay at attention to this? >> absolutely. there is a poll out today that said 32% said they would be more likely the vote republicans if republicans were in the lead on a change on immigration reform. but 49% said it would make no difference. >> michael: so what about this
3:48 pm
minority outreach? >> there is a program in california where republicans are trying to elect low-level candidates even community college and such build up the farm team from there. that's where you have to start. when you are at ground zero and they are on latinos, you have to start small. >> michael: okay. they are go for minor advertise and celebrities. >> who are the celebrities? cliff from cheers. >> michael: bill clinton eastwood. >> clint eastwood. he was terrible. kid rock and that's it. >> michael: and most republicans i'm guess having no idea who kidd rock even is. so does that work as a message? >> every little bit works. when you lose 80% of the vote on latinos, on asias, you have to
3:49 pm
start somewhere. every little piece helps. republicans are an even talk -- reince priebus said he is thinking of building an office in san francisco, now for all four republicans that live there -- >> michael: i was going to say a well-represented office. up next the march goes on our series on civil rights continues with filmmaker, keith beauchamp. we'll be right back.
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3:52 pm
♪ ♪ >> michael: a federal judge began hearing testimony today to determine if policemen have been stopping people unconstitutionally. defenders of the program state
3:53 pm
has brought down gun violence but they say at its core it is racial profiling that violates the constitution. joining me now is keith beauchamp, keith direct theed the documentary "the untold story of emmett louis till" and hosts the "the injustice files: hood of suspicion" which examines contemporary cases of racial profiling. keith welcome to "the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> michael: keith, new york saw 419 murders last year. the lowest numbers since record keeping began in the 1960s, so is this a small price to pay for a safer community? >> i think it causes a bigger problem. you are talk about statistically if you look at these cases out of 1 in 1,000 cases of those
3:54 pm
stops, you have actual gun violations. when you take a look at the percentage of those being stopped, out of 90% there are no arrest or summons. and i think it contributes to the fear in the community and hatred of police. i don't think that stop and fisk which i feel is unconstitutional is the way to go. >> michael: that's what it goes back to whether or not it does do what it sets out to do. it is seemingly unconstitutional. your first film was about 14-year-old emmett till who was tortured to death for whistling at a white woman. was this what you had hoped to accomplish when you set out to make that film?
3:55 pm
>> of course when i set out to make the film i was hoping that we would get some sort of justice for the murder of emmett louis till, i discovered there was up to 14 people involved and i felt strongly those who are still alive should have been prosecuted but unfortunately in 2006 a grand jury noticed not to go and indict the remaining people who are still alive, but, you know, when you look at that, i don't think courtroom justice is all that we were looking for. i think it was extremely important not only to get courtroom justice, even though we didn't receive it but it was important for me toe get the truth of the emmett till case out to the masses and get people to understand his contribution to the american civil rights movement, so now when you look at this generation, more and more people are learning about emmett till and the sacrifice of his life and what his life
3:56 pm
contributed to all of us. so we have received justice in that, because it was more important to me to make 'em met 'til's name import tall in a sens so that generations would know the story. >> michael: yeah 49 years, zero convictions, two indictments early on, but the all know the name. another name we all know is trayvon martin, and that case has been very prominent in the media, but there have been a number of other cases. including this one. ♪ >> in march 2012 a devastating case here seemed to have all of
3:57 pm
the elements of racial profiling. the victim 22-year-old, killed by an off-duty detective. >> michael: so you are in chicago today remembering her on anniversary of her death. >> her case is only the tip of the iceberg, we have these cases unfortunately across the country right now, in terms of the family and their struggle to see justice. they just recently were given a settlement of $4.5 million, but that's not going to bring her back. so you have to look at the aspect of someone being held accountable for this crime, and also, i mean -- i truly believe that we need to have some new training for the police department considering the atmosphere that we have right now in chicago.
3:58 pm
but it's important us to keep our eyes on the prize and understand that these type of acts still exist in this country, and in order for us to deal with them, we have to put them in the forefront and address them. >> michael: quickly then, with this installment of "the injustice files: hood of suspicion," what do you hope to accomplish with it? >> i hope that we all come together, have a great cleansing dialogue about racial profiling, which is a transgenerational issue, but a have a cleansing dialogue about racial profiling as well as the stand your ground laws -- cases in this country. i'm a firm believer that we as a people collectively can come to a real solution on how to handle these problems. it's a continuous effort but that's what civil rights are all the about. and i'll just happy that we're
3:59 pm
able to present some of these cases. >> michael: and we're happy you're able to do it here on our f platform. check out "the injustice files: hood of suspicion," thanks for joining us here in "the war room." have a great night. "the young turks" with me are next.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Michael 8, Us 6, Portman 5, America 4, Kelli Goff 4, New York 3, Reince Priebus 2, San Francisco 2, Chicago 2, Gillette 2, Vo 2, Rnc 2, Paul Ryan 2, Washington 2, Clint Eastwood 2, Michael Shure 2, Michael Steele 2, Perez 2, Joe Garofoli 2, Jack Burkman 2
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